Why choose Lithium-ion batteries

Technology has provided us with many options. The more choices to choose from, the harder it is to decide which one is best for us. Now, why should you choose buying Lithium-ion batteries?

We shall begin our narration by giving you the facts.

What is Lithium

Lightest metal there is

Has the largest electrochemical potential

Gives off the greatest energy density for weight

Since scientists found lithium metals to be unsafe, they started researching on nonmetallic, lithium composed of batteries and ended up with the lithium-ions batteries.

What is Lithium-ion


Has lower energy density than that of a lithium metal

Safer than lithium metals

To guide you on why you should buy this kind of battery, here are some of its advantages and disadvantages


Has potential for higher capacities because of its high energy density

It only needs one charge when new, it doesn’t need prolonged charging

Has a low self-discharge

Since there is no annual or periodical discharge needed, it has low maintenance cost

It can provide great current for application because of the specialty cells

Safe to use


To maintain the current and voltage in its safe limits, it needs protection circuit

Even if it is not in use, it is still deteriorating because of aging. To reduce aging, it must be stored at 40% charge in a cool and dry place

If shipped in large quantities, it may be subject to regulatory control. It gives limitations in transportation

Produced by manufacturers in smaller quantities than regular batteries because manufacturers get a higher cost producing this kind of battery

The materials and chemicals it is composed of have not yet fully matured. These are charging continually

Since I have stated you the advantages and disadvantages of having a lithium-ion battery, are you convinced in buying it? if not, then there is also another kind of lithium-ion battery available in the market: the lithium-ion polymer battery.

Before we go to what a lithium-ion polymer does to us, let us first know what a lithium polymer is.

Lithium polymer

Uses different kind of electrolyte

Has a thin-profile geometry

Offers a simple design

Has poor conductivity

To give you a glimpse of what really is a lithium-ion polymer, here are its advantages and disadvantages


Has a very low and feasible profile or design

Can be produced widely since it does not cause manufacturers much because it is flexible in form

It is very light

Has improved safety features


When compared to a regular lithium-ion, it has lower energy density

Has no standard size

Has a higher cost-to-energy proportion when compared to lithium


So, I’ve just stated what it really is you are facing in the market when buying. You still have every right to choose what is best for you. Consider everything you need and everything it brings, choose wisely!

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