Which car battery charger should you choose

Given the wide range of car battery chargers out there, choosing a particular car battery charger proves to be a fairly tough ordeal. Accordingly, in this article, we offer some of the factors that you can keep in mind when it comes to your choice of a particular car battery charger.

Charging battery car with electricity trough jumper cables


A quality car battery charger is one which is versatile in nature. So what exactly do we mean by versatile in this context? Well, it should be one which can go beyond simply charging, onto performing other duties such as reconditioning, keeping your car battery in overall optimal condition, and contributing towards its longevity.

In essence, we are referring to the quality factor here – a high quality car battery charger is one which will easily be able to perform the duties as enlisted above.

The ability to do away with sulphation

Sulphation is a process by which lead crystals accumulate on battery plates, preventing car batteries from charging optimally (or in some cases, disallowing them from charging at all). Under such circumstances opting for car battery chargers which do not allow sulphation or perhaps clean up its impact definitely proves very useful. Today there are various models of car battery chargers that include a ‘Pulse charging’ feature that cleans car batteries from the effect of sulphation.

The right ampere

When it comes to car battery chargers, it is essential that you choose the right ampere model as per your vehicle. To give you an instance, there are smaller 4 amp models which are best suited for small cars, say with 4 cylinders. Then there are 8 amp models that can serve cars with 4 to 6 cylinders. Finally, there are 12 amp models that can easily handle bigger cars with their more demanding batteries.


The price of a battery charger is also an important factor that might hinder your way if you don’t want to invest a lot in this product. You can easily find a high quality battery charger that is also low cost. The best way is to compare a number of products on the basis of the features offered and available price. You can pick the one that suits you the best.

Ease of use

Ease of use is another important aspect that you should keep in mind. The chargers that are light weight and can easily be carried along your way in your car are most preferable as compared to the ones that are heavy weight and need more effort while taking it with you. You can determine which suits you the best on the basis of the compactness and design of the charger.

Some other factors

A savvy car battery charger consumer also looks into factors such as portability (surely you do not want to lug around a very large car battery charger in your vehicle!) and emergency start capability (which may not always be present in all car battery charger models).


The above factors serve as a useful guiding light for choosing a car battery charger. But it’s better to make a decision based on the utility the charger offers and the requirements of your car battery.

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