Finding The Best Batteries

Whether they are AA, AAA, or any other type, there are key places where you can find the best batteries. All of the following places have been voted the best places to find batteries.

Before We Begin

Before we begin, it is important to mention that the number one place voted to not get batteries is the local dollar store. Although the dollar store might have name brand batteries, these batteries are not made strong.

Going further, the local dollar stores receives the batteries that have been marked as no good. This is how they get away with selling them for a dollar, and they pay pennies for them in the first place. However, there are many other valuable things that can be found in the local dollar store…

Large Hardware Store

A large hardware store would be the first place to search for the best batteries. These large hardware stores can be compared to well-known department stores.

The batteries at large hardware stores may cost a few more dollars. However, they will definitely be legit. They will also last longer than batteries purchased anywhere else. These stores also have the best deals when it comes to getting many batteries at one time.

Famous Chain Stores

Famous chain stores would be the next place where you could find the best batteries. These will be stores that have two-four chains in every single city. These stores always come with a money back guarantee.

Going further, the employees of these stores are trained not to give customers a hard time no matter what. This means it will be easy to return batteries for whatever reason. Batteries purchased from these chain stores have been proven to work as well as those purchased at large hardware stores.

From The Company

Though many people do not realize this, it is possible to purchase batteries directly from the name bran company. Sometimes, this is the best route to go. This is because the name brand company will always give you the most for your money.


The routes listed here will surely help people find the best batteries within a 24-hour period. If you are skeptical, it is wise for you to examine all of the routes listed here. You may be surprised at what route will work best for getting you the best batteries at the best price. Some routes have indeed worked better for others.

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