You Should Know Car Battery Types

There are several different types of car batteries out there; first of all you need to know the difference between ones that are wet cell batteries and ones that are VRLA batteries. A wet cell battery is one in which is designed for automotive use and are also known as lead acid batteries. And a VRLA battery is one in which is completely sealed and has no ventilation whatsoever.

Wet cell batteries are also known as flooded batteries while VRLA batteries are also known as valve-regulated lead-acid batteries. With that being said there are two main kinds of each type of battery. All of these kinds and more about each one are mentioned below.

Kinds of Wet Cell Batteries

SLI Battery –This type of battery is meant to start the car with bursts of energy that are short but fast. It is common for an automobile to come from the factory with this type of battery.

Deep Cycle Battery – This type of battery is designed to last a very long time; known as a marine deep cycle battery, the bursts of energy provided are not as strong as those from the SLI.

Kinds of VRLA Batteries

Gel Cell Battery – This type of battery is a made with a coating that is made of a gelified electrolyte material. This battery is great to use because it is so resistant to temperatures that are hot, kinds of shock and more. Think of this battery just like a wet cell battery except it is dry as well as sealed.

(AGM) Absorbed Glass Mat – This type of battery has the electrolyte material made and held within the glass mats. These glass mats are made of fibers that are very thin and that are meshed together. Again, works like a wet cell battery but it is sealed and does not make a mess with any battery acid.

Group Sizes of Car Batteries and Other Information

Each battery is set to a specific group of numbers based on the size of the battery in the first place, this is known as BCI or the Battery Council International group, and they determine all of this. Keep in mind that these numbers and sizes do not have anything to do with the weight, the dimensions, etc.

In order to be able to find the right battery for your vehicle you need to match the group size of the car battery first, then match the cranking amps, the amp hours, the cold cranking amps, the reserve capacity ratings and more. All of this is referenced to and considered due to the specification from the original manufacturer.

The group size is used as the standards for the industry because it makes it easier to design new vehicles when the size of the battery is known for the type of vehicle that is being made. For example there is a battery size for those batteries that go into cars, then another one for those that go into trucks, and another one that goes into SUVs as well as all other kinds of vehicles and more.

The group size indicates not only the size of the battery such as the height by the width by the length but it also defines the polarity, which is where the negative and the positive posts are on the battery.


Having these standard battery sizes helps reduce money costs all over and it makes it easier for the consumer to find as well as the technician to install and properly take care of. When you are in need of a new battery don’t actually measure it with a tape measurer just find the croup size number and you are good to go from there.

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