The critical dos and don’ts about your car battery maintenance

Car battery maintenance can be one heck of a job, especially if you are an amateur. Even, the seasoned car battery user faces a lot of problems at times as there can be so many different reasons about the malfunctioning of the car battery.

Therefore, this guide is ideally designed to make you all well aware about a certain number of dos and don’ts which must always be kept in your mind when dealing with your car battery. If you follow all the points religiously then there could be no reason that your battery would trouble you unnecessarily.

The dos of maintaining your car battery

The following are the most critical do’s of maintaining your car battery:

Do make sure that you thoroughly check the cables of the car battery as if they are properly hooked with the terminals or not. Apart from a tight and secure connection, the terminals must also be corrosion free always. For this purpose, you could lubricate the terminals of your battery quite regularly with some petroleum jelly which will not let it catch rust at all for a longer period of time.

Do check that your equipment is very firmly and safely secure over the battery mounting bracket. A loosely placed battery over the mounting bracket could damage itself and it may also result in short circuiting issues.

Do check the levels of the fluid in the equipment unless you have purchased a maintenance free car battery. Make sure that you always add distilled water inside the battery of the level is found to be lower than desirable. If you found it to be with no fluid at all then this is an indication about replacing your car battery.

The battery case of your car must always be very clean as dirt does conduct electricity, which in return could discharge your battery unnecessarily. For this purpose, you can make use of baking soda solution mixed in warm water for cleaning the case.

The Don’ts of maintaining your car battery

The following are the major don’ts of maintaining your car battery:

Don’t ever think about using or charging your battery if you found it to be frozen. It is because a frozen battery would definitely explode, which is not only dangerous, but you will also lose your battery as well.

Don’t charge your battery by switching it to a high charge setting as it may result in various adverse effects. The battery may get a spark or a sudden increase in charge that can destroy the required balance between the charge within the battery as well as on both input and output terminals. Such a situation can be very harmful and will cause a risk to make your car battery burn out or lose its capability to keep a balance and work properly.

Don’t ever think about charging a completely dead battery with the use of an alternator as an alternator in the first place is never designed to be used for this purpose and it may also result in shortening the life of your battery. Other damages may also be a result of such an act over your car battery.

Don’t ever lean over the car battery when it is charging, jump starting or testing. Further, also make sure that you never disconnect the cables of the battery while the engine of your car is running. Such practices make the whole set up as well as yourself vulnerable to certain hazards and will lead to you experience sudden loss of your battery or issues with your car.


Lastly, don’t let the equipment to completely discharge itself at any point of time. Its better to keep it in balance to make it work on along term basis and keep it functional and set to go when needed.

In order to keep yourself and your car battery along with your car in a good functional condition, you should take care of all of these do’s and donts to ensure that you are not posing your car battery to any hazard and are able to keep it in a perfect condition.

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