Guitar Lessons vs. Being Self-Taught – Which Option Should You Really Take?

Learning guitar on your own is possible; but those who have done it successfully can tell you it requires a whole lot of effort, self-discipline and determination. Also, when you decide to give up there will be no one there to stop you or give you the wisdom of a teacher that would be much needed in such cases.

However, if you’re looking for the best approach to learning the guitar, whether or not being self-taught works becomes irrelevant. The real question is, how does it fare against the prospect of hiring a good teacher?

The Advantages of Getting Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons from a skilled teacher can be of great help, especially for beginners. Even those who have become accomplished players on their own admit that they regret not having taken lessons early on, as their progress would have been accelerated.

That being said, there are some definite benefits to taking good old fashioned guitar lessons:

  • A good teacher will not just impart knowledge. He/she can also give you pointers regarding your stance, tips to improve physical stamina and exercises that will help you improve faster.
  • You can rely on a teacher to even help you solve unique problems that you’ll find no mention of in books or online videos.
  • Teachers can immediately see all the subtle errors you make and the strong and weak areas of your training progress. They can advise you to adjust your exercises accordingly, and help you make progress much faster than your peers.
  • Also, teachers can motivate and inspire you. The hardest thing about being self-taught is you have no one there with you to push you forward.

Ways to Avoid Expensive and Cumbersome Lessons

Maybe you still want the practical advantages of hiring a teacher, but without having to drive for miles to get to your lessons or to experience the discomfort of having your teacher visit you. If you are looking to teach yourself start with civil wars poison and wine chords it’s one of the more easier songs to learn.

While finding readymade video lessons online might be a good approach if you want to get free beginner lessons, there is a better method. The best option is to get actual online video lessons live from a professional guitar teacher who can give you all the knowledge and pointers you need, regardless of your level.